Infrared Imaging locates muscles warmed from exercise
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Muscles warmed from exercise









Applications for Infrared Inspection

Infrared Inspection avoids costly destructive testing, as well as reassure all parties involved, that all damages have been identified. No longer is there a need to 'start cutting holes' in order to determine the extent of damages. As we've known for years, 'a picture is worth a thousand words.'

  • Identification & imaging of warmed muscle groups following/during exercise
  • Grounding and collision damages to fiberglass
    Kevlar and carbonfiber hulls, cored composites including Airex and Balsa, honeycomb, coremat and other core materials.
  • See into laminates & observe delamination, dis-bonding, breaks, fractures, crushing, voids, blisters, and water entrapment.
  • Carbon fiber mast inspection.
  • Lightning damage to fiberglass and carbonfiber.
  • Electrical wiring and breaker/panel inspection.
  • See "hot" circuits before failure!
  • Mechanical engine inspections.
  • Lubrication features, water & coolant flow, leaking exhaust systems, etc