Infrared Thermographic Inspections

Infrared Imaging Applications

Infrared Inspection avoids costly destructive testing, as well as reassure all parties involved, that all damages have been identified. No longer is there a need to 'start cutting holes' in order to determine the extent of damages. As we've known for years, 'a picture is worth a thousand words.'

  • Grounding & collision damages to fiberglass
    Kevlar & carbonfiber hulls, cored composites including Airex & Balsa, honeycomb, core mat & other core materials
  • See into laminates & observe delamination, dis-bonding, breaks, fractures, crushing, voids, blisters & water entrapment
  • Carbon fiber mast inspection
  • Lightning damage to fiberglass & carbonfiber
  • Electrical wiring & breaker/panel inspection
  • See "hot" circuits before failure!
  • Mechanical engine inspections
  • Lubrication features, water & coolant flow, leaking exhaust systems, etc

The non-destructive nature of Infrared inspection is based on a sensitivity of .035 degree Fahrenheit, FLIR T640 Thermacam the video camera that detects infrared radiation transfer through various materials, then displays the temperature differentials and offers instant still and motion video pictures. The camera is a radiometric device that captures temperature data in every pixel of the image for later analysis.

Carver 406 reported with collision induced stress overloading causing structural hull damages

Aft stbd hull w/core Infrared images consistent w/core & laminate dis-bond, delamination, stress cracking. Aft molded bulwarks stbd aft Infrared image of aft stbd molded bulwarks. Stress fracturing to marked areas.
Stbd hull amidships Infrared image of stbd amidships. Dis-bonding, delamination of core & skins. Stbd hull initial impact area Infrared image of impact area shows edge flexing of hull composites/ core.
Stbd molded bulwarks flex zone fracture Thermal image indicates damage consistent w/flex cracking. Initial impact area. Thermal image indicates dis-bonding of core, inner laminate delamination.
Amidships area starboard Tension induced stress fractures. Infrared image consistent with dis-bond, inner laminate damage, tension induced stress fractures.

Starboard hull

Thermal image indicates tension induced sub-laminate, dis-bonding.

The application of Infrared Thermography in the marine inspection & repair community has never before been as accurate and inexpensive.
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